EEC Kwa-Thema manager Ms. Nkosi welcome Mr. Riad Ahmed with warmth, appreciating the gift that the ZHAUNS Company came to bare and also Ms. Nkosi introduced the College attendees individually. The Campus manager extended appreciation to Zhauns Company for donating 2 Machines for the College (Tyre Changer and Engine Hoist) for the Auto Motive students purposes and for broadening their skills in machinery operation. EEC is not only the receiver of the machines but also a proud host of ZHAUNS Apprentice students for the purpose of giving the student experience and exposure to the Kwa-Thema Campus Motor Motive Workshop.

“The College prides itself with good governance and management as such the College continues to get unqualified Audit from the Auditor General,” said Mr. M Nevhutanda. He further elaborated on the importance of stakeholders at the College and reemphasizes the importance of the donation on how it will assist teaching and also the prospect of having a concrete partnership with ZHAUNS. The importance of the partnership and the placement is mentioned as a Conner store of the College’s strategy this partnership should yield such results.

“ZHAUNS Company is a leading supplier of machines both in South Africa and to the entire continent of Africa” By Mr. Riad Ahmed. This Machinery Manufacture sells to Companies and to people who want to start their own business.

Mr. Riad Ahmed emphasized that ZHAUNS was formed on the principle of assisting previously disadvantaged communities and organisations beyond their core business. The importance of supporting small businesses that will allow young people and grow both in employment and in starting their businesses.

“We hope that we are going to have a partnership going forward with the college” and we appreciate the opportunity granted by the college.