Ndzalama Mabunda

Ndzalama Mabunda is studying Electrical Engineering N5 at Ekurhuleni East TVET Collegein Kwa-Thema Campus. He was born in Limpopo Province in the village called Ngove. Ndzalama started his early education at Vahlave primary school, at a later stage he went to Gija Ngove secondary school where he matriculated.

He grew up loving Math and passing it very well, to an extent that I used to assist other learners with Math at high school, which is a trend that we still practice to this day at College. “I think taking Math as a hobby other than a subject has contributed to my understating of Math,” said Ndzalama. This hobby has enabled him to better his understanding numerically, which also paves a way for him to achieve remarkable marks. He recently managed to obtain 3 Distinctions in Nated (N4) on his first entry-level finally exam in Industrial Electronics, Engineering Science and Mathematics.

“Coming from a disadvantageous background things were never easy so I had this mentality of choosing the people who I surround myself with minding” Ndzalama Mabuda. He claims that he is kept going by the words of Kelvin Hart saying “The group of people around you determine who you are. I make sure that I manage and curtail time spent in unnecessary consuming functions”