Ekurhuleni East TVET College (EEC) is committed to keeping Kwa-Thema safe for its students


Officials from Ekurhuleni East College took it upon themselves to clean the long grass on corner Kgaswane and Motlhaping Street on Monday.

The intersection at the Kgaswane and Motlhaping was covered with long grass, preventing motorists from seeing cars from the opposite direction, which presented an unwarranted potential of accidents. Not only that, but the intersection also presented a danger for passers-by communities who are predominantly young school kids.

The Ekurhuleni East TVET College through the office of the College Principal and as part of the community of Kwa-Them, took an initiative to clear that space and make it ​more habitable and safer.

Assistant Director in Marketing and Communications, Zuko Mbolekwa said they were concerned about the safety of students and motorists using that intersection on daily basis.

“The intersection is also close to two social areas. These areas are highly frequented by young people on weekends and mostly at night.

“We fear that criminals might target unsuspecting residents’ even students, and rob them of their valuables if not worse,” he explained.

This ​initiate is backed heavily by the Ward Councillor of the area Thulani Dunjana who weighed on this initiative and said “We have been requesting the municipality to assist clean this intersection, however, due to limited resources at the municipality the project too a little longer” her further said “we appreciate the Colleges contribution, and we urge the College to continue working with the Communities of Kwa-Thema”

Mbolekwa urged residents in the area to join their campaign to keep Kwa-Thema clean and safe.

“We are happy that some of the neighbors agreed to join us in clearing the area and committed to future campaigns,” he added.

Concerned resident, Oupa Thima said they are grateful for the college for taking the initiative to clean their area.

“Every morning when I go for my morning jog I fear for my safety when I approach the corner.

“The long grass made it impossible to see if they’re a criminal hiding in the long grass,” he said.

Oupa is hoping that the initiative will encourage the residents of Thembelisha to care about their environment and ensure that it is safe,” he said.