Increasingly in the world today, and especially in South Africa with its skills shortage, what will make for success in the workplace is not WHAT or WHO you know but what you can DO with what you know.

Many young people struggle to find employment because they do not have the skills which the industry needs. A lack of skills also causes tremendous losses in terms of cost, quality and time. If you can equip yourself with the skills which the industries in your area need, you can always be sure of having a job. This is why the Department of Higher Education and Training, together with the 50 TVET Colleges in this country, have identified 13 priority trades to train students in the skills which are in demand by the industry. On the accompanying map you can see which skills have been prioritized in your area. That means that there is a TVET College there which will be offering training in this field, in close partnership and collaboration with the industries.

What you learn in classes at the TVET College will be what your future employers want you to know because the curriculum has been drawn up by industry experts. You will also have plenty of simulated practice in the workshops and work experience in the industry itself during your training. All apprentices enrolled in the CoS Programme will get practical training and work experience. No more learning of outdated theory that is not going to help you to do the job competently! Many young people think that they have to get a university degree in order to make themselves employable. But a degree does not always equip you for a job in the way that apprenticeship training can do. DHET bursaries administered by NSFAS also make it possible for financially needy, capable students to have a quality, affordable education, provided they pass all their subjects and attend all their classes. Being a doctor or engineer might sound smart but only a limited number of students every year are going to qualify to become doctors or engineers. There are lots of opportunities now to become welders, boilermakers, electricians, fitters and turners and plumbers. Why don’t you investigate what Centre of Specialisation is available at a TVET College in your area? You can be sure that that will be for a trade which is in demand in your area. By doing that you could be taking your first step right now towards making yourself employable and ensuring that you will always have a job.