With the resourceful ability of Kwa-Thema Campus and its staff members, they took it upon themselves to assist needy students with basic necessities like food and toiletries.

Kwa Thema campus, like any other campus across South Africa it has students who are plagued with number of psychosocial ills such as poverty, starvation, physical and emotional abuse. It is within this context that the staff of Kwa Thema campus is encouraged to mobilize sponsorships and handouts from local businesses and organizations. The office of the social worker at Kwa Thema campus working with some of the lectures in the campus is at the forefront to fight these social ills with the help of the campus manager.

Students in this campus come from different provinces across South Africa come with a quest for education and to better their lives. However, the reality of their situation prevents them to achieve their dreams” said Ms. More

On daily basis, the office of the social worker is confronted with students who are in need of food, Toiletry, and Sanitary towels. Thanks to the good Samaritan who landed a hand to assist students who are in need at the College. We encourage other businesses and sympathizers to also assist needy students at Kwa-Thema Campus.

Apart from the donations, EEC Colleagues have been more supportive now and then they have brought something to donate. “To see 16 faces happy it makes me happy as well and to realize that if we can cover the basic which is food for the students we are able to make sure that they can actually excel in their studies”. Said Mrs. More