Background of the PMR African awards.

PMR African is a division of C.J Hatting and Sons which is a consulting and research company based in South Africa. The organization specializes in publications of small media and large businesses. The organization publishes the business journal and online version on their website

The purpose of the PMRT platform (Journal) is to serve as a platform in which the results of PMR African survey can be published.

Branding and promoting companies, organisations, and institutions like our College is part of their survey as one of their strategic objectives. Only companies and organizations with identified potential find themselves in the survey of PMR Africa.

The PMR African initiative is to recognize excellence across all industry sectors ranging from soft skill, engineering, science, education, farming, etc.

Through the awards, the PMR Africa wants to acknowledge contributions and initiatives, strategies efforts, and hard work.

The purpose of the awards its self is to enhance competitiveness to local and international space to create a global and unique marketing tool for the companies, organisation, and departments.

The PMR Africa also wishes that top managers of companies and organisations that received awards must use these awards to commend, acknowledge and motivate the efforts of staff members through this award.