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Youth Development Unit (YDU)



Youth Development Unit (YDU) is a body of the EEC colleges which aims to ensure that it drives former and current students in the right path towards their desired dreams, be it business start-up information or post study college information. This body gives to all the students the support necessary to be where they want to be.



Year PlannerClick the month to see monthly activities

  1. Tutor appointment meeting
  2. Tutorial classes Planning
  3. Collection of Tutorial materials
  4. Preparation of Tutor Files and signing of contacts
  5. Arrange for Tutor tracksuits
  6. Job seeker’s tips and interview skills Workshop
  7. Workshop job seekers and prepare them for the journey of seeking employment
  1. Entrepreneurship Workshop
  2. Platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to learn about the available business support structures
  3. Five-weeks-long YDU Campus Campaign
  4. Week 1: Daveyton Campus
  5. Week 2: Kwa-Thema Campus
  6. Week 3: Brakpan Campus
  7. Week 4: Benoni Campus
March - Human Rights Day (24th)
  1. Continue YDU Campus Campaign
  2. Week 5: Springs Campus
  3. SETAs Workshop
  4. Give SETAs a platform to present their services and opportunities for the youth and how to access the opportunities


April - Freedom Day (27th)
  1. Career Planning workshop (plus Entrepreneurship)
  2. The talk on various careers, opportunities and tips for accessing the opportunities (Further study, employment and starting a business)
  3. Business Breakfast
  4. Host prospective companies and request them to host students on the WBE Program
  5. Science and Technology Workshop
  6. Invite the Science and Technology Department to give a talk of the opportunities available in and through their department
May - Workers Day (1st)
  1. WBE Planning
  2. Follow the WBE guidelines and meet with all stake holders in the College
  3. Recruitment Expo
  4. Host recruitment Agencies for a placement talk and opportunities
June - Youth Day (16th)
  1. Alumni Gala dinner
  2. Host students that are placed in companies to help YDU’s company database for future placements
  3. WBE Program in motion
  4. Placement of students in companies and monitoring
  5. Four-weeks-long youth workshops
  6. Theme 1: Education PLUS Skills shortage and opportunities Workshop
  7. Theme 2: Entrepreneurship and opportunities Workshop
  8. Theme 3: Health and Social Matters Workshop
  9. Theme 4: Money Management Skills Workshop


July - Human Rights Day
  1. WBE Program in motion
  2. Placement of students in companies and monitoring
  3. Placement Presentations by companies
  4. Companies visit the College to present their opportunities directly to the students
  5. Male Mentor Workshop
  6. Give male to male (Grown up to younger) talk on male issues


August - Woman's Day (9th)
  1. Alumni tracking drive
  2. Update the alumni database for 2012/2013
  3. Placement Presentations by companies
  4. Companies visit the College to present their opportunities directly to the students
  5. Young Women Empowerment Workshop
  6. Topic 1: Single parenting and overcoming adversary
  7. Topic 2: Reclaiming control and tips for boosting confidence
September - Heritage Day (24th)
  1. 2nd Annual Entrepreneur Day
  2. Platform for aspiring Entrepreneurs to create their prototype in front of possible corporate customers
  3. Vacation Employment Presentations by companies
  4. Companies visit the College to present their opportunities directly to the students
  5. Know your Residential History Workshop
  6. Invite organizations that have more information about the history of the areas that we are from


October - Last Monthly Traning Day
  1. Reflection on 2013
  2. All participants on Monthly trainings to meet and reflect on the year that is coming to an end regarding the impact of all the training offered





  • Job-seeking is a partnership between the College and yourself, please make the YDU
    a place that you visit very often..... Checkout our notice boards, and find yourself




  • Your achievements may be your own, but as an EEC Alumni, we would like to know about them and celebrate with you......Get registered!



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