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Study at Ekurhuleni East College

  • With the varieties of unique cultures and aspirations everyone gains ample knowledge about the world around them, a 1000 mile trip is a conversation away.
  • Feel free to express yourself, anywhere, everywhere and with anyone, endorse talent that which engraved in your personality.
  • Feel the color of our spirit with multi-racial community, sharing and conversing in an ambient environment of freedom and tranquility.

Join the fresh enlightenment of vast cultures and their activities on everyday campus life....from the passion of different artists painting their picture, to the constructors embracing their are just moments away from your showcase in campus life.


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  • College Vehicle
  • Halls
  • Media Centre
  • Cafeterias
  • Workshops
  • Hostel
  • Training Restaurants
  • Training centre
  • Student Support
  • Simulation Rooms
  • Open learning Centre
  • Internet Cafe
  • Counseling
  • Computer Laboratories
  • Book Shop
  • Libraries
  • Auditoriums


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