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Schools And Faculties 


Where all your aspirations of learning and acquiring, skills needed in industry; will be fulfilled, with vocational courses such as Information Technology Communication, Financial, Marketing, Business Management Tourism and many more to set your career to its success. Call or Visit our campus today.

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Business School


For your unique attainment in imperative business skills, enroll now and reserve your place in this high driven array business studies.



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School of Engineering


Equip yourself with core skills needed to produce the establishments that hold our industries together, with various theoretical and practical practices  ranging from  mechanical, electrical and civil engineering, with the environment you need to propel your learning experience,your jouney is engineered to to success.


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School of Creative and Social Services


Explore the many choices of developing creative and resourceful aids, by grooming yourself in courses such as tourism and hospitality.



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School of Information Communication Technology


Connect to your world with eminent and high quality resources of hardware and software  studies in our information communication technolgy course which provides you with the ability of creating and communicating in this high paced digital world.




Full-time / Part-time studies


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Part-time studies


Choosing our part-time studies you will be able to prioritize time with your studies and your own personal responsibilities, there will be no limit to your best and our goals to embrace them.


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Full-time studies


Indulging into a full time learning and studying environment, you will gain the substantial amount of a full lesson for all your subjects, allowing you grasp and implement your experience effectively.






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