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Message from the Principal


Ms HM Sibande



I hope that this year, like the past year, will bring fresh challenges and opportunities for us to grow and connect as Ekurhuleni East College (EEC) community.  As we begin what is sure to be another great year, we should start by welcoming new EEC community members.

It’s my pleasure to extend a very special welcome to all our new and also to all our returning students.  As you take the time to read through this message, I would like to draw your attention to some important reminders that will help all students settle quickly and support the college’s efforts to achieve service excellence.


Here’s my best advice on how to have a successful year :

Remember why you’re here

College can and should be a lot of fun.  But, ultimately, you’re here to go to class and earn the best education possible – one that will set you up for a successful career you can enjoy throughout your life.   You worked hard to earn this opportunity – stay focused.


Make the Most of your EEC Experience

The beginning of the year is an ideal time to set your priorities for the next 11 months.  As you do this, I hope you’ll consider what you want your EEC experience to be.


Strive for Integrity in All You Do

One of the best parts of being an EEC student is celebrating our collective achievements – in the classroom, workshops, on the field, and everywhere in between.  Demonstrate your pride as an EEC student by being respectful and responsible.  Wherever you are – you are a representative of Ekurhuleni East College.  Pride in our college is also reflected in the classroom. The basics of academic integrity are simple:  Be honest in your work and give credit where credit is due.


Remember, we only admit student to EEC who we know can succeed here

If you are concerned about your performance or struggling with a class, talk to your lecturers, student support services officers and your tutors and get help.  You do have what it takes to make it at EEC; sometimes even the most gifted student needs some additional help.
I am excited about this year and look forward to getting to know you better.  As always, if there are ever any questions or concerns I can help with, please reach out to me or contact my office for an appointment.

I wish you a blessed, prosperous and growthful 2013!



Ms HM Sibande







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