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With vast resources and the complete environment needed for theory and practical development, our campuses are designed to satisfy every student need and preference, take the enlightened initiative in learning by visiting a campus near you.



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Kwa-Thema Campus


Situated on sam Ngema Rd. in springs Kwa-Thema and the head office of all campuses which acts as the source for all interlinked knowledge distribution, Kwa-Thema campus is the pinnacle for all study and learning purposes, well-structured and valiant to give the best to its learners, as well as its partners. Kwa-Thema campus is the pivot for knowledge and skills acquisition.


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Springs Campus


Springs campus situated in the heart of springs on the main road of Plantation St. right next to Pollack park railway station and for easy navigation to and from the campus those interested in technical and management environments will find it to meet their preferences to the tee.


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Daveyton Campus


Daveyton Campus planted at the heart of Daveyton on the main road of Heald Str. and formally known as the Isidingo technical College, Daveyton campus is now the hub for further education and training for its surrounding areas, empowering and inspiring knowledge into its learners.


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Benoni Campus


Surrounded by an extravagant and ambient life of Benoni city the campus attracts the sense of pro-activeness into its infrastructure, situated on 50 O’reilly Merry ST Northmead in Benoni, it meet your transport and aspirational needs.



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Brakpan Campus


Situated on 98th Victoria Ave in Brakpan and structured foremost in skill development and relatively known as the skills development Centre, Brakpan campus focuses its programs to highly equip every student with an access of their field of study.




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Call Centre


Situated at Kwa- campus, our call Centre is exceedingly resourced for call Centre training and acumen for all inspired pupils venturing into the field.






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