In this Chapter any word or expression to which a meaning has been assigned in the Act, bears the meaning so assigned thereto, and “this Act” means the Public Service Act, 1994, and the regulations issued in terms thereof.


In order to give practical effect to the relevant constitutional provisions relating to the Public Setvice, all employees are expected to comply with the Code of Conduct provided for in this Chapter.
The Code should act as a guideline to employees as to what is expected of them from an ethical point of view, both in their individual conduct and in their relationship with others. Compliance with the Code can be expected to enhance professionalism and hetp to ensure confidence in the Public Service.


The need exists to provide guidelines to employees with regard to their relationship with the legislature, political and executive offke-bearers, other employees and the public and to indicate the spirit in which employees should perform their duties, what should be done to avoid conflicts of interests and what is expected of them in terms of their personal mnduct in public and private life,

Although the Code of Conduct was drafted to be as comprehensive as possible, it does not provide a detailed standard of conduct. Heads of department are, in terms of section 7(3)(b) of the Act, inter a/ia responsible for the efficient management and administration of their departments and the maintenance of discipline. They may therefore, after the matter has been consulted in the appropriate Chamber of the Public Service Bargaining Council, and without derogating from it, supplement the Code of Conduct provided for in this Chapter in order to provide for their unique circumstances. Heads of department should also ensure that their staff are acquainted with these measures, and that they accept and abide by them.

The primaty purpose of the Code is a positive one, viz. to promote exemplary conduct. Notwithstanding this, an employee shall be guilty of misconduct in terms of Section 20 (t) of the Public Service Act, 1994, and maybe dealt with in accordance with the relevant sections of the Act if he or she contravenes any provision of the Code of Conduct or fails to comply with any provision thereof.

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