Career Information

Ekurhuleni East College Campus Managers are passionate, motivated college students who all have one thing in common - they love the products and designs we create at Ekurhuleni East College! Each Campus Manager serves as our personal representative on campus, helping their fellow students find the perfect dream and course for their future.

A campus manager serves primarily as a college's recruiter. In addition, he or she commonly works on a college campus to coordinate and oversee student activities as well as organize events, often with the help of administrators and advisors. These professionals also assemble and oversee a marketing staff whose main goal is to develop business and sales plans according to industry trends.

Campus managers may work full- or part-time depending on the employers needs. While they spend most of their time working with students on campus, they often travel to other sites to recruit new students. A campus manager's salary varies according to professional and educational experience, campus size and industry. The position demands a flexible schedule, because the campus manager oversees scheduled events during nights and weekends.