Academic Services Division



This section provides an overview of all of the Academic Affairs at College. It will provide the view on Academic, Students Support Services (SSS) and Placement issues within the Academic Affairs. The Corporate Service Division is led by the Acting deputy principal, Mr MI Nevhutanda.

Academic Department

Academics constitutes the core business of TVET College. It is preceded by thorough planning which culminates in detailed activities/ outputs. The Teaching and learning plan thus has two focal points:  1) quality which relates to the elements of offering relevant and responsive curriculum as well as continuous improvement of curricula delivery, and 2) student success which relates to improvement in student performance and achievement.  Expansion and growth in the college must not be at the expense of quality and student success. Embedded in this conception is the notion of continuous improvement, embodied in all practices, initiatives and activities of the college for the short, medium and long term planning of teaching and learning. 

Student Support Services

Student Support Services is a pathway that leads from access to academic success and Employability, further study and Self-Employment. The principle of integration, which is at the core of the Student Support Services, breaks the separation between student support as something that student support officers do and academic support as the responsibility of lecturers. Integration means that student support activities are no longer separate elements but work together to form a cohesive system, which places academic support at the centre of college work. Student support is not a stand-alone or peripheral activity but becomes an integral part of the quality management system (QMS). This is best practice.


Students have to be informed about the existence of the Placement service for them to use it. This usually happens as part of on-course career guidance and counselling. To be considered for work placement students have to submit their CVs to the Student Support Office and then be submitted to Central office placement office. While every student should have the right to apply for work placement, they will need to qualify for this.